Agriculture Visits to Israel

Tabar Tours is working closely with farmers and Agritech professionals from all around the world for the last 5 decades. Due to our collaboration with leading institutes, influencers and professional agronomists, we have the ability to offer you engaging programs to take your performance to the next level. Come to Israel to learn from the best agronomists, agritech companies, and farmers how to improve your yield with simple and sophisticated methods. Tabar Tours will take care of all the logistics involved in this.

Israel faces a wide range of natural challenges due to its geographical positioning. With most of it being barren desert land, only around 20% of the land can be used to produce. Despite this, Israel produces 95% of its food needs on its own with minimal reliance on imports. All of this is made possible by Israel’s advanced technological advancements in the agricultural sector.

You will visit the Kibbutz, greenhouse farms, date forests, and other strategic locations where Israeli scientists have conducted studies and dozens of experiments to optimize their technology to bring water to the fields and create fertile lands for maximizing output. Israel has improved its production to the point where the country no longer has to depend on other countries for food and is not influenced by droughts or other calamities.

Tabar Tours will also introduce you to the latest and great tech being innovated in leading institutions like the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Shafdan Site, which is producing usable water for irrigation purposes.

More About Our Agriculture Tours

At the forefront of the agricultural revolution is the Israeli Kibbutz, where a huge chunk of our events and meetings are held. You will see it first hand. These collective communities have been around since Israel’s independence and are a great place to get first hand information about the latest technologies. Tabar Tours will make sure you will witness the Israeli success from the front row.

Agritech is one of the key players that works in collaboration between Israel and countries aspiring to improve food production while improving the soil quality and developing eco-friendly solutions. Tabar Tours is enviably at the forefront of the growth of this rapidly-evolving space. We arrange seminars, events and meetings inviting stakeholders to join this revolution in Israel.

By joining the exclusive Agricultural tours and events organized by Tabar Tours, you will get to learn about greenhouses, sowing techniques, advances in irrigation, and other tweaks that are only performed in Israel. Precision agriculture is another field that we will put extra focus on. Workshops and lectures from experts will help you take your projects to the next level.

We will make sure that you are mingling with the local people and getting enough time to interact with the aforementioned experts. Tabar Tours doesn’t believe in rigidity. You and your friends will get to investigate, explore, and inspect the things that matter to you most, not without missing out on demonstrations and POCs in real-time for maximum effectiveness.

Take a leap towards the future by joining agricultural seminars and trips to Israel, powered by Tabar Tours.
It’s the best investment you can make.