Professional Seminars

Israel is a technological and intellectual superpower. This has inspired and coaxed the entire technological industry around the world. Israel is now globally accepted for its talented minds, creative solutions, and out-of-the-box mentality. Academic and education programs are meant to engage these unique characteristics and help people from around the world to learn more.

Water and Agriculture Technologies, Defence Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cyber Security, Blockchain Tech and other IT sectors have seen rapid growth as Israel grew to become the Silicon Wadi of the world. Israel has developed the reputation of being the biggest platform for innovation and startup launches in the world.

Tabar Tours has created a comprehensive portfolio of professional seminars and education programs that can be conducted in Israel to answer the needs of a wide variety of audiences in every field you can think of. We have established partnerships with dozens of universities and colleges in Israel and abroad, something that has given us the experience to create the perfect training trip for you, along with everything that comes with it.

More About Our Educational Tours

We also have the ability to orchestrate comprehensive educational programs and certifications customized to your sector as per your budget.

Tabar Tours has the experience and connections with all aforementioned institutions and universities to create an unforgettable experience for you. This can include training sessions, lectures, and exclusive meetups with influencers, all complete with official certification. This is even before we delve into the tourist attractions.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small group or a huge delegation. We also have the ability to focus the educational tour on travel to strategic places and locations or just create a secure and safe location for intensive lectures and presentations. We also have the ability to build you a comprehensive educational program with leading industry experts for maximum effectiveness.

We will also integrate smooth transportation services and personalized accommodation for the participants of the event you wish to organize. Educational events need to be problem-free and should allow everyone to enjoy. Tabar Tours has proven experience and will connect the dots to make it an unforgettable and fruitful experience for all attendants.

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