Tabar Tours is a proven Israeli tourism service provider that specializes in creating customized and personalized leisure trips for individuals, couples, and groups who are willing to enjoy the unique sights of Israel (historic sights, markets, spas, IT hubs) and take part in activities like jeep trips, horse riding, paradiving, yachting and more. Have any special requests? Just ask us!

Israel is a name to take seriously if you want to visit the picturesque Mediterranean Sea shores. It’s lovely beaches with blue waters, diverse cultural landscape, and modern infrastructure is a blend to behold. Factor in the long summer seasons with condensed winter periods – you get a country that is begging to be explored and visited. Tabar Tours is here for you.

What’s unique about Israel is that despite its small geographical footprint, you will get to enjoy a wide variety of climates. Mount Hermon can be covered with snow, while Tel Aviv is enjoying a sunny day that’s great for getting a tan. Driving to Jerusalem, just an hour away, can make you face a chilly evening breeze. The southern Negev desert is also just an hour away. The contrast is mindblowing.

Places You Will Visit in Our Leisure Tours

In Tel Aviv-Jaffa, you can indulge in the middle-eastern style local market vending authentic fare like spices, silks, transporting you instantly to a scene from the movie Aladdin. As you drive into Tel Aviv, a couple of miles from Jaffa, the scene changes drastically – Sarona Center, westernized business centers, state of the art public transport with the latest vehicles. A city that never sleeps.


Then come the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the north. The Bahai Gardens in Haifa, welcome all from the Bahai faith to the breathtaking view of colors and nature’s creations. Nazareth, the biggest Arab city in Israel, is also a must visit spot. The food will tickle your palate and leave you wanting to try more. You will also get the change to play gold in the lush green lawns of Caesarea.

Jerusalem is a wonderful place to hang out, besides the religious locations and attractions. The laid back vibes, along with the multicultural population, makes it a must visit destination for leisure. It’s also in close proximity with places like the Dead Sea, making it a great place to be in. The Mahane Yehuda Market, filled with scents and food, is regarded by many as the best in Israel.

The southern Negev Desert is home to the pastoral nomadic Arab tribes or the Bedouins, who still maintain a unique lifestyle of tending and breeding the sheep and goats for a livelihood. On the northern ridge at 860 meters above sea level sits the famed Ramon Crater. The world’s largest erosion crater or makhtesh was created 220 million years ago when this area was under-water.

If you are the adventurous type and water sports beckon you, you can scuba dive and explore the coral reefs at Eilat, Israel’s official sea-resort and the tourist hub for the merry makers. This is the southernmost part of Israel and has a unique vibe that is loved by tourists, local and foriegn alike. You will find bars, malls, restaurants, and a wide variety of attractions in this lovely city.

Israel is small in terms of size but there is a lot to cover.
Tabar Tours has the ability and experience to take you to all happening places.