Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is my Commitment

I am Wasim Tabar, owner of Tabar tours. What I wish to share is that we are much more than just a market-leader in Israeli tourism. It’s much more than that. We provide employment and livelihood to dozens of in-house workers and indirectly to hundreds of small businesses and freelancers. Their personal and professional growth as a mission that I will always be committed to.

I am glad to share that we have developed warm and cordial relations with multiple personas from countries in Africa and Asia. Tabar Tours is a strong believer in connecting areas in need with the right technologies to save and improve life. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than extending my global reach to give back to the community and help make the world a better place.

My vision consists of 4 main pillars:

The Tourists – This is my direct responsibility. I always make sure that all my customers get to enjoy the best Israel has to offer, while making sure they are comfortable and happy with the security and hospitality they get. This will always be my primary concern.

The Workers – As mentioned earlier, Tabar Tours is committed to its workers and business partners. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than providing my workers with a stable source of income, while seeing them grow as professionals and human beings.

The Country – Tabar Tours is proud to have brought in hundreds of thousands of tourists to Israel over the last 5 decades. I see myself as an ambassador of Israel and I see it as my duty to showcase the best Israel has to offer – technologically and culturally.

The World – I see the world as one big family. I see it as a big privilege to pass on Israeli technological knowledge and knowhow to other places in the world, especially communities in Africa and Asia where resources and funds are scarce. Let’s heal the world together.

In short, Tabar Tours is the gold standard for everything related to tourism in Israel, but is also a strong advocate for taking social responsibility to the next level and helping other countries enjoy the advanced technologies Israel has to offer. Join us on our mission. Engage with Tabar Tours to plan and execute your Israeli trip to perfection and we will do the rest for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wisam Tabar.